Great Gifts for a Motorcycle Aficionado

Biking is its own unique culture, as any insider or outsider can tell you. Bikers have their own style of dress, language, literature, entertainment, and so on. So if you have a friend, family member, or significant other immersed in this culture, they probably want something related to motorcycles as a Christmas or birthday gift. If you’re an outsider, you may be at a loss when it comes to what to get that person. However, if you review this buying guide from, you may have a better idea of what to get that someone.

Safety and Protection

Despite their rugged and wild exterior, many bikers make safety a chief concern. So help them out with this issue. A new helmet may be just the thing they need and even want. A leather jacket is supposed to provide comfort and safety and any biker will like this look. Goggles and sunglasses are appreciated as well. For those long drives, make sure your biker friend has leather gloves. This will help against friction and perspiration. Last, a solid pair of boots is said to help along a journey on a motorcycle.

Gag Gifts

Not all gifts have to be serious. Get a laugh out of the recipient with these gag gifts. Think about buying a customized license plate with something silly written on it. It can be an inside joke or something related to motorcycles. If this biker is a culinary genius, rub it in with an apron with a motorcycle overtaking the design. If you come across a mini motorcycle replica, give it to the recipient with a message saying “A hog for my hog.” If this biker has a beard, buy him some inflatable facial hair.

Inexpensive Choices

Maybe you don’t want to spend a ton of money for your biker’s gift. Take comfort in knowing there are some cheap options for you. A simple pair of sunglasses will do. This will protect them from UV rays. Another practical item is a bike bag. A tail bag or tank bag works great for motorcycles since they attach so easily. If you want easy communication with your biker friend, invest in a bluetooth headset for calling while on the road. After talking so much, this person may need water. A hydration backpack has a reservoir of water attached as a waist pack. If you’re concerned about safety, your biker friend can benefit from a compact tool kit made for motorcycle repair. If you really want to go cheap, buy a key chain with a motorcycle on it.

Other Items

Still short on ideas? What about a motorcycle magazine subscription? This would make a great gift for any enthusiast. Picture books and technical manuals are often sought after by this crowd of people. Motorcycle memorabilia would give the recipient something to display and brag about. T-shirts and sweaters that relate to bikes are also fantastic for these folks. For more ideas and suggestions on what to get a bike lover, visit

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