Basic Motorcycle Safety for Beginners

Getting a motorcycle is very exciting, but it is also dangerous if you don’t understand how to properly ride. You will need to get your license and plenty of practice before you can safely go out and drive on the streets. If you take the effort to drive safely and defensively, you can avoid accidents, which can be very dangerous to you when you are exposed on a bike. If you ever need to call1-800-Motorcycle, it will be because of an accident that is not your fault. Learn how to ride safely and have fun!

Riding Through Town

When you ride through town, you will need to get a feel for how powerful your new motorcycle is and how you can effectively control it. Most motorcycle wipe outs occur when a rider takes a turn too fast. You will need to take the turns slower than you would if you were in a car, because you need to be able to stay balanced and keep your bike under control. When you brake for a turn, brake before it happens, not during the turn. You will also need to practice riding around to discover how quickly you can brake and at what speed your bike accelerates.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are much smaller than a car, and you are also much more exposed. Other people in cars may have difficulty seeing you, so you need to help them out. Don’t ever hang out in a blind spot of a car. Instead, drive up where they can see you at all times. Always use your blinker to show other vehicles where you are going. Last but not least, have good quality lights that are easy to see at night. Nighttime is when it will be most difficult for other people to see you.

Riding on the Freeway

Even though you will turn and change directions much less on a freeway, it is a very dangerous place to be on a motorcycle. Never underestimate the danger of being hit or wiping out at such high speeds — and having other cars driving at high speeds near you. Whenever you go on the freeway, wear the appropriate protective clothing. You should have long pants on — the thicker the better. You should wear a full length leather jacket no matter how warm it is outside; the leather can save you from extremely bad road rash. You also need to protect your head. Have a helmet that fits well and allows you to see. It should stay on at all times when you are riding, so your head will always be protected.

If you do get in an accident, get the help of a lawyer. You need representation to help you show your side of the story, especially if the accident was not your fault or if you were injured. Calling1-800-Motorcyclecan get you connected with a lawyer that will help you through the tedious process of determining who is at fault and what should be done.

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