Car Park Signs

If you operate a car park in UK, either public or private, there are both statutory sinmage requirements and useage signage needs. These are some ideas for what you’ll need from a solidly established sign maker in UK who are experts at the design, production and fitting of car park signs. You need to create a safe parking environment enabling your customers to park their vehicle, to leave their vehicle, to go about their business, to come back to their automobile and to exit from the car park.The needs for signs cover four areas: fire and safety, vehicle routing, pedestrians and parking enforcement.

Fire & Safety Signs.

Escape signage must be obviously visible from all the parts of a car park with safe routes marked till the final exit.

Automobile Routing Signs.

You need to use bold clear signs with recognized traffic symbols to direct vehicles. Signs can be wall mounted or suspended as suitable. A yellow reflective background is generally utilised for traffic routing.

You need to take each opportunity to reinforce your speed limitations on special speed signs and by integrating the message into the directional signage.

Other signage can indicate disabled, prohibited and restricted parking areas.

Signs for Pedestrians.

You want to provide signage to help pedestrians find their way from their vehicles to their destinations. You shoul also provide signs (e.g. For floors and zones) to help pedestrians find their paths back to their vehicles. You can install color coded level numbering and sector lettering signs with ‘You Are Here ‘ plans at strategic points. The signs will create safe routing for pedestrians away from ramps and other high-risk areas. Other signs will warn drivers of pedestrian presence. You might also want to install lockable notice boards.

Parking Enforcement Signs.

Wheel clamping is no longer permitted in UK. There should be clear signs stating tariffs, restrictions and penalties. You need to only install signs for parking enforcement that are compliant with British Parking Association standards.

Display Signs are a longtime sign maker in London. They have an online shop with a variety of standard safety signs for next day delivery. They can also produce custom signs to your design or they can design a sign for you. Their services include consultancy, design, manufacture and installation. Their digital printing facilities mean that they can produce quality signs speedily and cost effectively on almost any material.

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