Different Types of Tyres and Their Features

There are many types of car tyres of available. Of course, your choice will depend on various factors, such as driving style, car design, as well as the season. By selecting the right set of tyres, you will be able to boost the performance of your car, as well as ensure your safety while driving on the road. Here are some of the most common types of car tyres that you will find in the market nowadays.

All Season Tyres/Standard

The tyres used in brand new cars are all season types. This is a standard design that is suitable for any season. It can perform well both on dry and wet surfaces. Its tread block patterns are designed to suppress noise when driving on standard roads. It also disperses water on wet surfaces, providing enough grip to the tyres. A harder compound of rubber is used on the tyres, which prolong the life of the worn tyres. However, this may cause some drawbacks on handling and cornering.

Performance Tyres

This is also popularly known as summer tyres. The tread patterns of performance tyres are designed to give superb grip in dry surfaces. This is the ideal choice for you if you want better handling performance when driving your car on dry surfaces. The tyre is made of softer rubber compound, which provides an enhanced grip, as opposed to standard tyres. However, this also means that the life of summer tyres is shorter than the standard ones.

The main disadvantage of performance tyres is that it cannot give grip when driving on wet surfaces. Therefore, you must replace your summer cheap tyres when the wet season comes.

Winter Tyres

It is very difficult to drive your car during winter season, because the roads are covered with snow that makes it slippery. Sometimes, standard tyres cannot provide enough grip, making handling difficult. If you want to improve performance, you better use winter tyres.

Winter tyres have small metal studs that are embedded on the treads. This provides extra grip when driving on snowy surfaces. However, this also increases the operating noise of the tyres. You can only use this tyre during winter season. They wear out quickly on dry surfaces, as well as cause damages to the road surface.

All Terrain Tyres

As the name implies, this tyre is suitable to any terrains. It can provide excellent grip even when driving on loose surfaces, such as sand and dirt. You can also use all terrain tyres on standard roads, but they will produce loud noise if you do so. The tread block patterns of this tyre are larger than the standard tyres, which in turn provides better grip. Its sidewalls are also stiffer, which allows the tyre to cope with unexpected potholes and uneven terrain surfaces.

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to car tyres. The performance of each tyre depends on several factors, such as terrain, season, and driving style. Choosing the right one, will make driving easier for you!

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