Is it Safe to Buy Part Worn Tyres?

Part worn tyres are one that have been used before and hence have been worn down. The extent of usage of such tyres can vary as some of them may be used to drive several miles before they are sold. Such tyres may have lost a great amount of grip due to its usage.

Image showing a large number of tyres stored in a warehouse

Advantages of using part worn tyres.

1. Low Cost

The price of used tyres is much lower than the new tyres, even if they are not used much or they are in a great condition. However, the driver will have to spend an apitional amount for the alignment and balancing to increase the durability of the tyres. The main reason to opt for used tyres instead of new ones is the savings that used tyres offer.

2. Reduces Waste

Most of the Eco friendly drivers opt for used tyres due to environmental reasons. Buying part worn tyres help to reduce waste. An increase in the use of used tyres will result in less production of new tyres which means less usage of fossil fuel.

3. Buying Online

Though, it is advisable to visit the store physically to inspect the used tyres before buying them, buying part worn tyres online can be easy and simple, and the online stores give you the option to inspect them physically during delivery, and return if not satisfied. . Avoid buying used tyres when it is possible for you to take a look at them before buying. Instead, buy a cheaper set of new tyres to get the warranty protection and more mileage on the road.

Disadvantages of using part worn tyres.

1. Wear and Tear

It is clear that fitting part worn tyres on your vehicle are very risky. Part worn tyres have very low grip which can reduce the control on the tyres and affect your ability to brake in case of emergency. This can put your life at risk along with the life of your passengers. If you do not have any experience in buying used tyres, it is advisable to buy from a reputed dealer.

2. Short Term Savings

The main reason for buying part worn tyres is the financial savings due to the low cost of used tyres. But such savings can be for short term only because you may have to spend again for the replacement of used tyres much earlier than the new tyres.

3. Corrupt Dealers

Most of the used tyres bought from the corrupt dealers fail to meet the required legal safety obligations. Corrupt dealers may even break the rules to sell it. However, the ethical dealers are more likely to follow the rules. If a deal looks too good to be true, it possibly is.

4. Legal Penalties

The consequences of driving on used tyres can be serious. It will also result in cancellation of your car insurance in the event of an accident. If you are caught, you may be charged with a penalty, and penalty points will also be given to you.

Remember that tyres are usually removed from the cars for a reason. If they are not safe enough to use for other drivers, why should they be safe enough for you? Always be sure to purchase part worn tyres from a reputable dealer.

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