Mirror Indicate Manoeuvre

Today’s Motorhosts driving tip is the turning left manoeuvre, or making a safe left turn.

How many cars do we see not indicating when turning left or not indicating until they make the turn?

We have all seen it, and probably done it, but it is bad driving practice and at odds with the Highway Code and can be a very dangerous manoeuvre

Driving along the road and the car in front slows down, for no reason, maybe you even see the brake lights come on. You wonder what is happening, look around and can see no reason for the car in front to do this. Then the car brakes and then either turns to the left, pulls in to the side of the road with or without indicating. Why is this wrong.

The maxim here is mirror indicate manoeuvre, when carrying out any driving manoeuvre we look in the mirror to ascertain that the road is clear for the manoeuvre we are going to perform, if, and only if it is safe to do we then indicate the manoeuvre, in this case a left turn or pull over, brake then turn left or pull over. Slowing down or braking is clearly part of the manoeuvre and therefore indicating should take place before we apply the brakes.

It is easy to get this one wrong unless we are concentrating, but it creates a potentially dangerous situation if we apply the brakes for no apparent reason. The car behind does not know what is happening and could make a wrong assumption as to the intentions of the driver who is braking.

We should always indicate our intentions to other road users, for our safety as well as theirs.

Motorhosts driving tips making the roads safer, but only if we want them to be safer. Remember indicate before braking when turning left or pulling over to the side of the road.

Drivers who have fallen into this bad driving habit and are unable to get out of it should consider a refresher driving course with a good local driving instructor to rid them of this dangerous habit and bring them up to speed with modern driving techniques.


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