Safe Driving On Rural Roads

The busy city streets of Preston are an everyday fact of life for Preston car and van drivers, whether using the main city through roads or cutting through back streets well known to drivers, driving in heavy traffic is second nature.

To the south of Preston down through Chorley to Manchester and Wigan and Merseyside the driving style is very familiar to Preston car and van drivers.

To the north and north west of Preston however is a different proposition, here the small villages of the rural Lancashire Fylde, inland from the Blackpool coast, and the market town of Garstang, provide a very different driving challenge.

Narrow roads, often single lane, with blind bends, barns and buildings built to the very edge of the road and of course tractors towing agricultural loads appearing round any bend provide hazards to which the Preston car and van driver is not normally familiar.

The slower pace of life out here is not always carried through to driving and local car drivers are often seen whipping round the roads at some speed, do not be tempted to follow their lead, they are as used to these roads as the Preston car and van driver is to the city surge.

The most important point to remember when travelling on these rural roads is to drive within your own comfort zone, take it easy, its not a race.

Even when keeping your speed down you will come up behind slower vehicles, overtaking opportunities are almost non existent, be patient, keep calm, back off from the driver in front and drive with consideration.

Always be prepared for an oncoming vehicle to suddenly be upon you, pull as far over to the left as possible and slow right down, sometimes driving with the inner wheels off the road is unavoidable, do not attempt this at speed as the change in road friction will pull your car or vehicle strongly to the left and could cause you to leave the road and crash through the hedge.

Even the A6 north through Garstang and Lancaster provides very little overtaking opportunities for car and van drivers, there are too many fatalities on this road already, drive with caution.

Also car and van drivers should be on the lookout for motorcycles, cyclists and horse riders, pass with caution and give them plenty of space.

Driving your car or van in Lancashires rural areas can be great fun, just follow these few tips for an enjoyable day out, safe driving, without incident.

When learning to drive selecting an experienced driving instructor for your driving lessons with a good local driving school will ensure you receive the the best possible training in modern driving techniques on your local roads.


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