Use Dipped Headlights When Driving

I never cease to be amazed at the number of drivers who do not use their dipped headlights when driving in reduced visibility conditions.

The law on this is completely clear, dipped headlights should be switched on when visibility is reduced by rain, mist and fog or simply overcast or at dawn and dusk.

Some drivers seem to be in competition to see how late into the evening darkness they can leave it before tuning on the dipped headlights a problem made all the worse the darker the colour of the car.

Another mindset seems to be that parking lights are sufficient when driving, just by observing next time you are out in these conditions you will see that cars driving on parking lights are not very visible, this is highly dangerous as the car driving on parking lights can become invisible when the cars behind are driving, correctly, with dipped headlights on.

Drivers can get away with driving without dipped headlights on during rainy spells as the police will not get out of their warm patrol cars to police the roads, they much prefer the easy touch, certainly not getting wet or cold.

The main purpose for dipped headlights in these conditions is to be seen, so next time you are driving in the rain or reduced visibility, switch on the dipped headlights, see and be seen, keep yourself safe and help to make our roads safer and improve our all round driving experience.

There are already too many accidents on the roads in and around Preston, don’t let yourself be the next accident.

Drivers who are unable to grasp this concept should enrol in a refresher driving course with a good local driving school to bring themselves up to date with modern driving techniques.


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