What You Should Know About Vehicle Service

Morris Minor engine bay bonnet open for engine service
Morris Minor Engine Servicing.

A car is a technically very advanced and demanding machine and thus contains quite a lot of wear and tear parts. That is why it is important to regularly service your vehicle and replace any broken parts. This does not only ensure that your vehicle will run for longer but will also make sure that the driver stays as safe as possible on the road. Just imagine a car that didn’t receive a proper brake service and a faulty brake was overlooked. There are three different ways you can get your car serviced: you can go to a licensed dealer, go to an independent garage or if you are not all fingers and thumbs you can do it yourself.

Vehicle Service at Licensed Dealer

This type of service is the most costly but will also maintain the best value and ensure maximum safety. Especially when you are dealing with a car that is only a few years old, a regular vehicle service at a licensed dealer can mean an up to 10% higher resale value. There is another reason why many people opt for a the licensed dealer service. That’s because a lot of car manufacturers will give a five year warranty for their product as long as it is being serviced at a licensed dealer regularly. So if you don’t want to annul the warranty you don’t have much of a choice.

Vehicle Service at an Independent Garage

Much cheaper than getting your car checked by a licensed dealer, this kind of service is best for cars that are 7 to 20 years old. Most of the time an independent garage will have the same service plan and will use the same vehicle service tools as their licensed counterparts and thus the quality of the service will be just as good. But be careful that you don’t give your car to a shady backyard garage.

Do it Yourself Vehicle Service

Especially old cars are very suitable for being serviced by yourself because the cost of getting them serviced at a garage would be out of proportion with the car’s actual value. It is crucial that you know what you’re doing though because otherwise it can get dangerous. Make sure that you have the right hand tools and vehicle service tools available including suspension tools, oil filter tools, parking brake tools etc. If you need to stock up on your tools visit www.ap-tech.co.uk for a wide range of garage equipment.

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